Hermosillo Congreso 2019: Day 1

The conference opened with morning meetings directed to pastors and leaders.  The worship team, which was an amalgam of several churches, was wonderful. The morning sessions had about 80 in attendance.  The evening looked like twice that.  It was much too jumbled to get an accurate accounting

The first session each morning is a teaching directed toward the theme of the conference, especially for pastors and leaders. I provide detailed notes for the pastors so they can use the material later if they so desire.  The emphasis this year is “The Importance of the Word of God.”  We got off to a wonderful start, considering the necessity of the Word to live a vicarious Christian life.  Pastor Jon Coates followed up with a great teaching on the importance of leading people by first leading yourself according to the Word of God, then casting a vision for them of what it means to live out this life of faith.  Good stuff.

The evening service began with Pastor Jesus Jara preaching a barn-burner on the necessity of submitting to God in order to see the power of God. (James 4:7) He was followed by Pastor Randy Winkles demonstrating and exhorting the people to learn to follow the Spirit of God.  We are a supernatural people.  Let God move.  There followed a great time of ministry to all, especially pastors and leaders. 

I am eager to see what God does today.  He certainly gave us a great beginning.

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