Hermosillo Congreso 2019: Day 2

What a great day we had on Friday!  The first session I taught on the simple Gospel of Christ: Jesus is alive, and He has given signs to believers to demonstrate that fact. The Message is simple, but we are sometimes too complicated to see it. Next, Fred and Cookie Brothers shared the heart of FCF with the pastors and leaders here in Hermosillo.  It was good to hear the stories of how we started and to see that God is taking the mission into a new generation with new leaders and fresh insights. The Word, the Holy Ghost, and strong personal relationships will always mark our fellowship. Don’t try to do ministry alone. Thanks to Fred and Cookie for personally bringing the DNA of FCF to our friends here.

The evening services were given to ministry to the whole body, young and old, and in between. Pastor Alberto Flores encouraged us to gather together in the presence of God, and the worship team got everyone in a festive mood. Pastor Jon Coates brought a great word on how the generations can either isolate or integrate.  One brings death, the other releases power.  Good stuff.  He prayed for, and ministered to, an altar full of young men and women with a heart to serve God.

Of course, we give a special “Thank you” to Pastor Victoriano for opening his home and his grill to us for our lunch.  The Carne Asada was fabulous.

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