Panama Team 2019: Day One

Team 19

This trip is unique in that I have three team members with me who have never done this before.  In addition, we were coming to Panama from three different locations.  I must say, God did a wonderful job of orchestration.  Doug Dolan, from Prescott, AZ, met me in Houston.  Eduardo and Rossy Andrade flew from Hermosillo Sonora to Panama.  Remarkably, we connected perfectly and all cleared customs together. 

Today we travel to the Darien and get settled in with Dennis and Jeanne Cook.   We also want to make contact with our new friend, Elixandri Alvarez.  He is working with alcoholics and addicts in Darien.  He attended a seminar Judy and I did in 2010, and has been using our material since.  Our goal is to evaluate his progress and plan in order to see how we can be of help or provide any input that might be helpful.  That is where Doug Dolan comes in.  He is COO of Recovery in the Pines in Prescott and has valuable practical experience in operating a Christian based recovery program.

Saturday I am teaching in the Bible school program at Vida Ministries on the topic of Divorce and Recovery.  That is always a touchy subject, and I am sure I will step on lots of toes, so pray for us.  Eduardo will serve as my interpreter, and Rossy will help Jeanne as needed.  I love bringing and connecting new people with others who share a passion for the Lord, the lost, and the Word.  This weekend will be life-changing on many levels.

Thank you for your prayers.  I know God is going to do good things, because that is just how He is.

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