From the Pew to the Harvest: Use What’s in Your Hand

This is the first video in what I hope will be a series of conversations with people who have been part of the ministry of Faith Ministry Training Institute or other arms of Our constant goal is to move people out of the pew and into the harvest. Rather than tell you about these people, I want you to see and hear what God has done.

Eduardo Andrade began working with us in 2018, only three months after being released from prison and deported to Mexico. He and his wife, Rosa, are now finishing the first level of FMTI, and have become vital parts of the team. His whole story is compelling, but I particularly wanted to let him share his story of starting an inmate church while in a maximum security facility. As we are in the midst of our own virus-driven “lock down,” Eduardo encourages me to remember that there is always a way with God. He is still a Waymaker. I think you’ll be encouraged to “Use What’s in Your Hand.”

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