Healing Help Video 41: How to Pray for Wisdom

In the walk of faith, we all come to moments when we know we should act on our faith, but we don’t know exactly how.  We need to pray for wisdom. For many, the question is, “How, exactly do I pray when I need wisdom?” James and Solomon gave us some great information on praying for divine wisdom.  Today’s teaching will help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Ask of God.  Thank God for all the wonderful friends and advisors in your life.  Ultimately, however, the decision on direction for your life will be your responsibility.  Humble yourself, recognize that you may not know everything, and ask.
  2. When you ask, God will give you wisdom.  There are no conditions on this promise.  Even if you feel foolish, God will never reprimand you for asking.  He gives to all, and that includes you.
  3. Ask in faith.  Look back at our lesson on believing you receive when you pray (Mark 11:24). When you ask, God gives you wisdom.  He said He would.  It doesn’t mean that you know what it is or that you feel any different.  You believe you have it and begin to thank Him for it. It’s done.  He will get you the right info at the right time.  He said He would, and He will.  When the moment of decision comes, you will know what to do.

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