Healing Help Video 50: Let the Oil Flow

The Lord is committed to using the whole Body. In fact, we need each other.  Need!  I don’t like that word, but it’s true anyway. God has designed the system so that we are forced to depend on the rest of the Body if we are to fulfill our calling and experience the fullness of God’s blessing.  That includes healing. 

In addition, He gets to determine how that blessing is delivered.  Oil, hands, spoken word, gifts of the Spirit, prayer of faith…  I don’t get to choose – He does. If He chooses to use an evangelist, then so be it.  If He sees fit to use the old lady in the next pew, the same.  We don’t know and we don’t get to decide.  We do know that when we congregate for worship, He will be there to heal.  Get in faith, get in the presence of other believers, and get what God has for you.

For the print version of today’s lesson with all the Scripture references, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Healing Help Video 50: Let the Oil Flow

  1. Thank you pastor virgil. Processing through the season of grief following my birth father homegoing 2/2/21. I’d been his 24/7 care giver since COVID19 started. Fcf leadership has reached out and I’m thankful for this. Still hurting…. Praying for a shortened season of grief.

    1. Wow! Ken, that always hurts. Believe it or not, my dad went to be with the Lord on February 2 as well. Only it was in 1972. The painful part fades, but I still miss him. Cling to the good stuff. Praying for your heart to be comforted.

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