Can We Wait on the Nuclear Debate?

Just a quick pet peeve: The tube is full of pundits in suits discussing whether we should all stop using nuclear energy.  Heads of state are shutting down power plants.  This is all in reesonse to the tragedy playing out in Japan.  They have experienced a catastrophe of monstrous proportions, and some of their nuclear reactors are in trouble.  Now many of the same people who a week ago were lobbying for more nuclear plants are now screaming to take existing ones off line.  Here’s my problem:  Isn’t this the time to quit gazing at our own navel and get busy trying to save the folks who are in immediate danger?  Is the middle of a crisis the best time to make long-term decisions regarding energy supply?  Fear drives us to stupidity and selfishness.  How about we do the right thing by the Japanese, then when the smoke clears we can assess lessons learned with all the facts in hand.

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