Church Supernaturally: Christmas Spirit

Happy Sunday!  I always feel as if the first Sunday in December begins the “Christmas Season.”  I used to be a Scrooge about the whole thing, but a few years ago I felt impressed to get myself in a frame of mind to take advantage of the opportunities Christmas provides. I began by making up my mind to say “Ho, ho, ho!” as often as possible.  Then I started looking for opportunities to just be kind to random people.  It’s amazing what a smile and a “howdy” will do.  Finally, I started putting actual Christmas music in our song services at church.  For all of December, let’s sing about the miracle of the Incarnation.

I am starting today with my favorite Christmas song, which is not intended to be a Christmas song.  It’s called “Heaven’s Humility.”  Check out the Chorus:” This is Heaven’s humility,  a Servant’s authority. You set aside Your crown, You laid Your glory down, with heaven’s humility.”

The second verse starts with my favorite line of all time: ” The voice that formed creation became a baby’s cry.” Let’s sing about the God who came into our mess so we could go to His glory.  Merry Christmas!!!  Ho, ho, ho!”

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