Cuba: Home and Happy

Thanks to everyone who prayed us through the trip to Cuba. I am home safe and resting up a bit. The time there was very exciting. We ministered in a church of about 250 with a multi-national congregation. Many are students at a nearby medical school. The services were powerful, especially the worship. The team understood how to worship without the consciousness of self. It was rich. The cameraman was from Chad, the drummer from Surinam, and at the altar call, a couple from the Czech Republic came forward to rededicate their lives. They were first-time visitors. So many destinations for the Word we share! (I just had to share the ’54 Chevy. I’m pretty sure purple was not a stock color.)

There seemed to be a connection with the Pastor and the leadership. Our message and vision meshed with theirs, and I believe this will give us the opportunity to be a blessing in the future. We left FMTI material with them and made commitments to return for the training of leadership. Many of the students will return to their home countries when they finish training. My goal is to make sure they have the material to share when they get there. Thanks again.

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