Panamá 2019: Day 4

Another busy and fruitful day. Much of today was given to preparing for tomorrow’s class. I spent the morning studying and preparing for a radio broadcast today and the “Divorce and Recovery” seminar tomorrow. Meanwhile, the rest of our team enjoyed a trip to Puera Lara for a little jungle tourism.

After lunch, Eduardo and I went to the radio station where we did about 50 minutes of live teaching, going verse by verse through Ephesians 5:15-33. We emphasized the importance of keeping the Covenant we make in our marriage vows, and some of the attitudes that help us avoid common pitfalls. All this was an introduction and promotion for the seminar tomorrow. You can watch the video of the radio broadcast here.

Before dinner, the team went to the classroom to help set up for tomorrow. We start at 9 AM and go until 3 PM, with a lunch break. Pray for revelation and stamina for Eduardo and me. In the evening we will be in Arimae for church. Doug Dolan will be sharing his testimony in this village recently devastated by an alcohol and drug related suicide. Believe God with us that God will use his story to spark healing and hope. Thanks for helping. God is doing good things, and we get to be part of it.

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