Panama 2019: Day 3

Wow! What a day. Thursday morning we headed down to Meteti where we met with Elixandri Sanjur-Alvarez. He gave us a tour of the work he has done to serve the community there. He houses and mentors men who are battling addiction. They are schooled in the Bible, taught how to fight their addiction, and trained for useful work. The land is being used to produce all manner of fruits and vegetables, which he offers for sale and also to feed the hungry. His aim is to export some of these products to help fund the ministry, as well as give employment to his charges.

He is active in planting churches, and our Bible school materials are being used to train leadership. The 7 Principles for overcoming addiction are the basis of the program he uses with the men. He also has an event center that seats about 300 which I can certainly envision being used for some crusade and convention activity. There are facilities to house mission teams as well.
After much discussion and listening to his vision, Doug Dolan and I worked with him to formulate a plan for next steps in expanding the reach of the program. I believe we have formed a relationship that will bear much fruit in the coming days.

Today we will spend prepping for the seminar on Saturday. I will do a live feed radio spot this afternoon to give the community a preview of the content. Divorce and Remarriage will certainly stir interest. Pleas pray for Eduardo and I that the Holy Spirit helps us communicate the heart of God on this subject. We believe that lives will be changed in the next two days.

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