Signs that Make You Wonder


“And God confirmed the message by giving signs and wonders and various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit whenever He chose.”  (Hebrews 2:4 NLT)

Advertise Your Attractions

I have a fascination with interesting signs. I got tickled when I saw the sign at the exit off 890 in Schenectady. The header was “Attractions.” Under it were six areas pointing left and right, but there were no attractions listed, only blank green space. Now I know there are attractions there. I was headed for one. It’s a beautiful place with a rich history and some really decent people.

I thought, “How many churches could use a sign like that?” What are the attractions at your church? We ought to have a truthful response. Every church that God starts has certain attractions, things they do well. Not every one will be the same. Sure we all like to think that we are all things to all people, that we do all things well, but that’s not true. What is your church good at? When people come, what can they really expect to receive?

I think we ought to be filling in the blank spaces in our signs with things that really are attractions at our house. Our church worships. We aren’t great musicians, but we worship. Our church gives place to the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Our church teaches the Word in a practical, accurate way. Our church has an excellent track to prepare people to fulfill their ministry. Our church loves on broken people, here and overseas. Our church prays.

God built you and your church for a purpose. He has set gifts in the church. Be aware of what you have and what you do well. Put the attractions where folks can see them. Be who you are and quit trying to be who you’re not. God knows what He is doing.

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