Out of the Abundance of the Heart: Be Filled With the Spirit

Building People of Substance for Works of Power

Speaking with tongues as part of the experience of being filled with the Spirit is a gateway into the supernatural realm. Unfortunately, many churches don’t practice or preach this experience. Why would Spirit-filled people who have experienced this great blessing shy away from seeking to pass it along to others? Fear. Fear of offending people. Fear of being thought odd. Fear of praying for someone who fails to begin speaking in tongues. We don’t want to be embarrassed!

If you are one who speaks in tongues, I want to give you a few simple pointers that will help you bring others into this wonderful experience. If you are a Christian who wants to speak with other tongues, I want to provide a simple pathway for you to follow.

There are many ways to receive, but simple faith in God’s Word always works. (Mark 11:24)

1. Faith comes from the Word. Show them scripture. Acts 2:1-4. (Other examples: Acts 8:4-8, 14-17 / 9:10-19 / Acts 10:44-48 / Acts 19:1-7 ) Point out 2 things:

a. They all spoke. When you receive Christ you are as pure as you will ever be. God wants you to receive!

b. They did the speaking. God will not speak for you. He gives words. You speak.

2. Show them how to exercise their faith to receive: Luke 11:9-13

a. Everyone receives if God is their Father.

b. It is a gift. There is nothing you can do to deserve it. All that is required is to ask.

3. Verify their understanding and readiness. Be sure they are Born-Again and that they want the Holy Spirit baptism. Let them ask questions.

4. Read Acts 8:17, “They laid hands on them to receive.”

5. Explain what will happen, then do it. “We will pray according to Luke 11:13, then I will lay my hands on you. God will pour His Spirit upon you, and you will be able to speak in other tongues.”

a. Lead them in a prayer confessing Jesus as Lord (just to be sure God is their Father) and asking God to fill them with the Holy Spirit.

b. Lay hands on their forehead and say, “Be filled with the Spirit.”

c. Begin to pray in tongues out loud. (Do not allow them to speak in their own language. You can’t speak in two languages at once)

6. Encourage them to speak loudly enough to be heard. Have them stop and start several times. Sing in tongues with them. Do not have them imitate you or speak some nonsense syllable. Let the Holy Spirit do the work!

7. Encourage them to pray in tongues for several minutes every day. Arrange a time to follow up. The devil hates this, so he will try to talk them out of it.

Remember: It’s God who does the work here, not you! So, quit worrying and being timid, and let Him use you to do what He wants. Help others to step over into this wondrous realm of Holy Ghost reality.

Somebody Said: ““”The Spirit-filled life is not a special, deluxe edition of Christianity. It is part and parcel of the total plan of God for His people.” – A. W. Tozer

Scripture Reading: But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be My witnesses, telling people about Me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 NLT)

In my experience, the most important thing to remember is that God wants to fill people with His Spirit. He wants it more than you do. He wants it more than they do. It is not a question of Gods will. It’s all about exercising faith and letting Him do the rest. Get convinced yourself, then pass on that confidence to the one you pray for. Encourage them to use faith – Jesus said if you would ask, God would give. You asked, God gave. That is settled. Now say “Thank You!”

For more insight on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, visit the FCF Tucson YouTube channel

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