Pastorvirgil’s Update: February 2019

“Moving Christians from the pew to the harvest.”  Matthew 9:36-38

Instituto de Entrenamiento Ministerial de Fe Begins a New Year.

Classes resumed for IEMFe on Valentine’s Day at Iglesia Orabes in Hermosillo, Sonora.  We began our class on “The Holy Spirit” with two nights of instruction with 60+ in attendance each night.  Students were blessed as I taught about the Person of the Holy Spirit, His nature, and His work in the believer.  Pastor John Smith followed with a great class on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor John: “You are gonna be immersed in the Holy Ghost!”

After the class ended, Two students received the baptism.  Glory!  As usual there were many other testimonies from students about how the Word is impacting their lives.  One lady reported she had been praying for insight concerning the Holy Spirit and how He leads us. Her questions were answered in the class.  Another student reported that she had spoken in tongues years ago but had not done so since.  (This is the experience of many Pentecostal people) The Spirit of God opened her eyes to see that she was able to speak any time she so desired, and she did! 

As always, I was so proud of our ministry team.  All are graduates or students of Faith Ministry Training Institute, and all carry themselves with such humility and grace.  Rev. Joyce Hughes oversees registration and homework.  She is invaluable to this effort. Eduardo and Rosa Andrade, current students, were a huge help as always.  Eduardo is really growing as an interpreter, and Rossy is a pastoral presence with the registration team.

Registration Team at Work

Our newest member on this trip was Rev. Brenda Mangen.  She helped with the registration, and also did some promo work for a women’s seminar in Miguel Aleman March 2nd.  Brenda is the founder and creator of WOVEN in Grace, a ministry aimed at survivors of abuse.  That seminar will be hosted by IEMFe grad Pastora Margarita Garcia. They will be joined by our dear friend and grad, Wilma Sonera.  Your support for our efforts is having a profound impact on lives in this region. Thank you.

Pastors Fellowship Breakfast bursting at the seams.

Our Saturday morning breakfast gathering with local pastors has really grown.  On February 16 there were 25 people in attendance, representing a dozen churches and ministries.  5 of these ministries were new to our fellowship, though one pastor was a graduate of IEMFe from way back in 2003.  (He is still teaching the material he received in IEMFe!) We encouraged them to do things that build relationships with one another, then we took time to pray for one another.  The presence of the Lord was palpable in the room.

One pastor reported that she had been so discouraged and tired she was on the brink of just giving up and quitting when she heard the teaching and found hope.  God spoke to her in a dream to attend the breakfast.  God strengthened her mightily, and she is looking forward to becoming a part of the family of churches here in Sonora.  The meeting was officially over at 10 AM, but it was after 11 before everyone finally left.  New connections are being formed by the Spirit of God.

Food, fellowship, faith!

Plans are being made for the next classes. (See dates below)  If you think you might be interested in being part of the team on one of these junkets, you can contact FCF Tucson for further information.

Visiting the churches, seeing the impact.

Secrets to Victory

On Sunday morning, February 17, I had the privilege of speaking at Rios de Agua Viva, a vibrant congregation pastored by Pastora Yanette Bustamante.  Pastora Yanette is an IEMFe student.  She has a wonderful testimony of the faithfulness of God in overcoming huge obstacles to obey the Lord in leading this congregation. The church boasts outreaches to the community, including evangelism in the park, ministry in the jails, and strong ministry to marriages.  The worship was lively and anointed, setting the stage for the Word and the Spirit to touch lives.  God was faithful. 

Pastora Yanette Bustamante

I am grateful to Pastora Yanette for inviting me, and to Eduardo and Rosa Andrade for translating and assisting in ministry.   God is building strong relationships with ministries and churches.  They are being equipped, strengthened, and encouraged to finish the race God has called them to. Thank you for making this possible.

Blogsite and Facebook Page

Please stop by to keep up to speed on the current teaching thrusts.  I also have a Facebook page for the ministry. Search on Facebook for  @contendforthesupernatural or go to  While you’re there, hit SHARE.  I need you to help spread the wealth.

Upcoming events:

Today! 15th anniversary of Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson. 6 PM

February 24.  Transition service at FCF Tucson, Pastor Virgil steps into the new role of Founding Pastor, John Smith steps in the Lead Pastor office.  Pastor Lonnie Hilton presiding

March 14 & 15—Hermosillo Holy Spirit Class continues

April 25 & 26— Hermosillo Holy Spirit Class continues

May 14-20. Darien, Panama. Classes and visit recovery facility.

May 23 & 24— Hermosillo IEMFe Divine Healing Class Begins

June 1-10. Ministering in churches in New York.  Itinerary to follow.

June 20 & 21— Hermosillo Divine Healing Class continues

June 25-28 FCF Family Conference in Tulsa

July 18 & 19— Hermosillo Divine Healing Class continues

Now Scheduling: August thru December, scheduling now.  Email, text or call to set up a visit.

Thank you!

Your prayers and contributions make all this possible.  We have a great God and a big mission.  Let’s do this!

We continue to be part of Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson.  Financial support can be sent there or given online at

Yours in His service, Virgil and Judy Stokes

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