Sunday Supernaturally: An Experiment

So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters. For he said to God, “I will proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among your assembled people.”

(Hebrews 2:11-12 NLT)

Another Sunday.  A day when most of us do something to honor God.  On this day most of us are again in diverse places with only those of our house to worship with.  Yesterday I had the thought, “What if everybody sang the same thing at the same time all over the world?”  I don’t know how that might occur, but I believe it would be remarkable.  I’ll leave it you to figure it out.

For today, how about if we just commit to worship Him where we are, in unison with those who are part of our local fellowship. When the “song service” starts on your TV or computer or tablet, throw up your hands and join in.  Don’t just sit and watch like it’s a movie.  I know it may seem a little odd, but who is your intended audience?  Get in on the action, get in agreement, get in unison.  There is power in that.  God hears it, Jesus joins in, and when He sings, who knows who might listen? 

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