Did 9/11 work?

A few days after 9/11/01 church attendance went up.  People knew they needed God.  It troubles me that ten years after the Islamo-fascist attack on the United States we are debating whether it would be OK to pray at the Trade Center site.  Maybe even worse, we are avoiding any evangelical presence at the Pentagon memorial.  Apparently the goals of … Continue reading Did 9/11 work?

Debate was a yawner

I thought the debate last night was a bit dull.  These guys just regurgitate the same stuff.  Except, of course, for Newt.  I love the guy and really wish he were electable.  He is by far the sharpest of the group.  I really want to like Perry.  He seems like a decent fellow.  His heart … Continue reading Debate was a yawner

Are You Just Stupid Like Rick?

I see by the morning gab that I am supposed to dislike Rick Perry because he is stupid.  We know this because he said that it would be almost treasonous to print fiat currency for the sole purpose of manipulating an election in the middle of a national crisis.  Then he implied that he thinks … Continue reading Are You Just Stupid Like Rick?

Father Hunger

A few weeks ago we celebrated Father’s Day. As I began to speak on the subject of fatherhood, I was once again struck by a phenomenon that occurs every year. As soon as I announced the topic, people in the congregation began to react. Some shook their heads. Some gave a wistful smile. Some wiped … Continue reading Father Hunger

Who do you want in charge?

I noticed this week that the National Football League and the players manged to hash out an agreement over which of the rich people would get the most money.  One day they met for over 13 hours.  When they were interviewed they were generally discrete, respectful, and professional.  These are guys who get paid to run into each other in … Continue reading Who do you want in charge?

Who Decides?

The first question I ask in any political issue is "Who Decides?"  Our system of federalism was predicated on man's fallen nature, and provided for a number of checks and balances to prevent any one man or group of men from controlling the lives fo the people.  We have divided powers for a reason.  yet while the congress debates … Continue reading Who Decides?

He’s not a rapist, so hail to the chief

OK. So let me get this straight:. the head of the IMF is now free from prosecution.  We are relieved to discover that the housekeeper with whom he committed adultery was lying about the rape.  Hence, we should not be shocked if he now runs for president of France.  He is, after all, not acriminal.  Well, at least he … Continue reading He’s not a rapist, so hail to the chief

Engaging the culture

We spent this week at FCF Family Church Conference. What a blessing. One of the speakers, Dr. James Garlow, had just come from doing a live interview on CNN regarding the subject of same-sex marriage. His interviewer was Eliot Spitzer, former New York governor. It was quite a confrontation of world views. The subject of … Continue reading Engaging the culture

Why this trial?

It's Saturday morning.  I'm trying to faithfully do my morning stretch so I turn on Fox, only to find that even on Saturday, it's all Casey Anthony all the time.  Legal experts of all kinds are endlessly discussing a murder trial with tearful witnesses, gory pictures, and salacious inferences about the accused.  All this is interspersed … Continue reading Why this trial?

Pull up your pants!

Today I see we are debating the justness of asking a young man to pull his pants up so as to cover his rear and his crotch while riding on a public aircraft.  This is deemed by some to be reactionary and even racist.  This on the heels of the great Weiner controversy wherein we … Continue reading Pull up your pants!